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     The last couple of years have been scary, tough, confusing and frustrating to say the least. I think, we have not been living them, more surviving them. My most important takeaway, and take it with a grain of salt, if you will, was how resilient we, humans, are at adapting to changes.  

The importance of being able to ask for help could not be underestimated. Especially during difficult times, when we are under pressure. 

I am here to remind you that it is OK NOT TO BE OK and more importantly, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

We all feel like it is us against the world sometimes and try to take on the most of uncomfortable, even dangerous situations in stride. That is admirable, commendable and brave. It takes a lot of courage to face uncertainty on your own. In fact, many of us, have been conditioned pretty much since birth to handle anything and everything that may come our way, not to cry, not to show weakness. This way of thinking, however outdated, had a very clear function – to teach people strength, kind of a “kill or be killed” scenario, where if you show weakness, you lose.  

I am here to challenge this statement and tell you that change is not always bad, in fact, sometimes with change comes the light, the joy, the magic.  

Times have changed to a point, where it is necessary to break the stigma, so often attached to mental health, needing help or being unwell. We all need help sometimes, because we are human, and humans are built to be social creatures, who require companionship, support and help. Human does not equal weak or powerless, human equals flawed, able to make mistakes and acknowledge them, learn from them. Human, in my eyes, is perfectly imperfect, a work in progress, a beautiful and mysterious being, that deserves to be treated with kindness and curiosity.