Are counselling sessions confidential?2022-12-06T10:21:19+10:00

Yes. Confidentiality is always strictly maintained. You will be provided with a client contract, and an informed consent, which outlines the confidentiality agreement.

Can I claim a Medicare rebate?2022-12-06T10:23:40+10:00

Unfortunately, Medicare rebates are not yet available for counselling services. However, watch this space – in 2023 there will be rebates available through certain private healthcare funds.

Does psychotherapy work?2022-12-06T10:25:23+10:00

Yes. Psychotherapy works and there is a lot of scientific and clinical evidence to support it. When a trusting therapeutic alliance is formed, progress can be noticed, however, it is important to remember, that therapy is not meant to be a quick fix, rather a work in progress – there can be setbacks, much like with anything in life, but if you have adequate support, you will feel stronger and more resilient when facing issues like setbacks.

How can you help me?2022-12-06T10:24:18+10:00

I aim to create a safe and confidential space where you can explore your most personal thoughts and feelings. It is my role is to listen without judgement and to assist you to find your path to inner peace, balance and fulfilment. I like to experiment with different therapeutic mediums, like expressive therapies, somatic experiencing, gestalt, ACT, CBT and more.

How many counselling sessions should I have?2022-12-06T10:21:42+10:00

This varies from person to person and largely depends on presenting issues and how you are feeling about the process.  That being said, between 6-10 sessions represent an average number for many people.

How much will it cost?2023-03-09T08:51:29+10:00

The rate for a 60 minute session, either online or telehealth is $100. Please reach out for information about special discounts applicable for students and anyone looking to buy multiple sessions in advance.

How often should I attend counselling?2022-12-06T10:22:26+10:00

It is a matter of individual preference. While it is suggested that weekly sessions provide for the most effective therapy, If counselling continues for a longer period of time, often people find it helpful to start biweekly, move to fortnightly then monthly. There is a small discount for anyone wanting to book 4 weeks in advance.

What if I am unable to attend a session?2022-12-06T10:23:56+10:00

Ideally, 24 hours’ notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee. Having this notice allows for the session to be offered to someone else. However, we understand that emergencies and unavoidable events occur, so individual circumstances will always be considered.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?2022-12-06T10:24:41+10:00

That depends on who you ask! At one level, psychotherapy is a specific therapeutic approach with its own characteristics. However, at a broader level, the terms are often used interchangeably with psychotherapy being associated with longer term therapy.


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